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Gabe Mendoza

I am a Certified Public Accountant with an insatiable passion for health and wellness.


My approach to health, wellness, and lifestyle have evolved after years of seeking the truth behind diet and exercise. I evolved, like many, from a high school athlete to a “gym bro”, to a half marathon runner, and thankfully, eventually found CrossFit.

CrossFit led me to medical doctors and functional medicine resources that introduced me to viewing health through a holistic view of biometric data, metabolic health, and performance, rather than the number on a scale. I changed my mindset from chasing shallow, aesthetic goals to developing a serious, data-driven, approach to health and wellness that incorporates proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.

I thank my CPA background and mathematical mind for my ability to understand and work with data. In god we trust, all others, bring data.

I am a father of two boys and confidant to many more and want to be sure that I am modeling ultimate health for my all that look to me. Not to mention, I want to be sure to live to see my great-grandchildren.

I work every day to push a message of metabolic health and to silence the damaging nutritional dogma that unfortunately has created all our sickness in today’s society. This website serves to document my journey and allow for others to join me on a life free from the worry of falling victim to the obesity and chronic disease epidemic plaguing our society.

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