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Super Health Food

Food Sources

Grilled Meat

Quality Meat

I am always on the "hunt" for grass fed, grass finished meat and have found the following to be credible sources

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Produce

Here are some sources for organic produce that are focused on being fresh and affordable. I also try to support local sources.

Misfits Market

  • Discount code: COOKWME-IJ9EWJ

Local Farmers Market

Grilled Meat


I want my supplements to be as clean as possible and in line with my focus on purity, free from sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

Naked Nutrition

  • Whey protein

  • Pre workout

  • Creatine

Renegade Pharmacist

  • Colostrum

Organ Supplements

  • Full organ complex

Thorne Supplements

  • Melatonin

  • Berberine

Jigsaw Health​

  • Magnesium

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