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Gadgets & Gizmos


To track my daily exercise routines, non-exercixe activity, sleep patterns, and recovery, I rely on my Whoop strap. Whoop utilizes a data-driven approach to analyze multiple and constantly measured variables such as heart rate, HRV, sleep waves, and energy output to calculate a recovery score in order to gain insight into how ready my body is to take on the demand of the day. 



I am a chronic night sweater and found no relief in changing the thermostat, new sheets, or wardrobe malfunctions. Once I purchased the ChiliPad, I have not had one drop of sweat at night leading to the most complete and restorative sleep I've ever gotten!


For macronutrient tracking and food logging, I use the Cronometer app. It is the most reliable on the market and allows you to customize your targets. Not to mention it houses comprehensive metrics beyond the basic macronutrients including minerals and vitamins for ultimate optimization. 



To aid with achieving deeper sleep and enhanced recovery, I take advantage of the many benefits of CBD both in the form of tincture and topical. I utilize this pain cream to relieve myself of any aches and pains.



I use the NuCalm system in order to manage my stress levels. The system is the world’s first and only patented technology for interrupting stress at the midbrain and guiding brain and body function to parasympathetic nervous system dominance. A combination of binaural beats and biochemical influencers leads to meditation sessions that boost recovery and recharge me every day.

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