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I have been on a 10-year journey seeking the best health and wellness information after suffering from poor health after a year in corporate America. My desk job, corporate expense account, elevated stress, and poor information had led me to a place where I was unsatisfied with my health. One day, after looking up from my desk, it became clear to me that this was no way to live. Chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, and illness have become accepted as a way of life in today's environment, and that was just not going to sit well with me. We are in the midst of an obesity and chronic disease epidemic with the lack of information to free us from its damage.

Thanks to a coworker, I was introduced to a health resource outside the mainstream media and one that was willing to take on nutritional dogma. These "alternative" ideas have allowed me to successfully transform my health and build a vast resource center for all my health and wellness information. I have since been seeking more and more doctors, journalists, nutritionists, and other professionals to be sure I stay up to date on the latest health and wellness information. With the information, I read, tinkered, and experimented with my food, exercise, sleep, and stress management to put together a "program" that can work for the everyday individual.

Slowly, as I incorporated changes in my own life, those close to me began to notice the physical and mental improvement. With tangible results, they started asking for advice. Out of chance and my willingness to help others, the MendozaProgram was born.

Freinds starting labeling meals as "MendozaProgram approved" and consistently reached out to see if they were on the "right" path to meet their health goals. I began consulting as a side hustle but found that most were chasing aesthetics as I previously had. I wanted to make real change and be a source for deeper information. I wanted to break the cycle of relying on the scale. I needed a method to store all the information I gathered in order to more efficiently disseminate the information.

So here it is! Read, enjoy, learn, and reach out. I would love to hear what is most helpful or any other content you would like to see on the site.

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